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"Everybody all over the world will see that we did...what many people were trying to do, but could not do."


This documentary film will illustrate the journey of a group of young Haitians in the city of Port Au Prince and a host of volunteer American paramedics struggling to create the first EMS unit in the history of Haiti. Amid the chaotic fallout from the devastation of 2010’s crippling earthquake, a deadly cholera epidemic, and the unrest surrounding the presidential elections, a group of civilian volunteers led by EMTs & Paramedics from New York City began training a motley group of Haitian women and men on how to help, heal and rescue their own people.

The film will follow characters enrolled in two organizations; Gwoup Ayisien Pou Ijans (Haitian Emergency Group) and its American affiliate partner, The Banshee Association. Banshee is a human rights oriented EMS club based in NYC that represents roughly 100 members of the NYC Emergency medical service. GAI is a mutual aid association based in Port Au Prince representing 28 EMTs and 65 first-responders; to date, it is Haiti’s only volunteer EMS organization. When several members of Banshee deployed in the days immediately following the 2010 quake a handful of young EMS workers have organized an alliance between Brooklyn and Port Au Prince to build the country’s first modern EMS system. This is a film about solidarity and the dream of raising a proud resilient people from the rubble, and moving them into a renewed sense of autonomy and sustainability that can be a beacon for the international struggle for human rights.

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